Nippers Gear


Swimwear, hats, rash vests, etc. are available to purchase or order. They are not compulsory for Sunday morning nippers; however, club colours must be worn to compete in surf carnivals.

All children participating in Junior club activities, whether it be Sunday morning nippers or surf carnivals, must wear the regulation club cap.

Wearing the cap makes members easier to distinguish from non-participating beach goers on a Sunday and from other surf clubs at surf carnivals. Little Nippers will wear a coloured cap which will be given to them at the start of Sunday morning nippers and returned to their Age Manager at the conclusion. There will be no extra charge for this cap.

Please see the Uniform Co-coordinator to purchase/order any of the above items.


The club has boards for junior members competing in board events during Sunday morning nippers, surf carnivals and training days. Foam boards are used for Under 9/Under 10, fibre-glass boards for Under 11 / Under 12 / Under 13 and long boards for Under 14.

Please notify the Gear Stewards, if you require a board, or any other item of club gear, for competing in surf carnivals.

All boards must be washed down, returned and stored in the correct manner after use. Everyone using boards must share these duties.

Please report any damages to boards or club gear, to the gear stewards so the necessary repair work can be done. No blame will be brought onto anyone for accidental damage. Irresponsible or misuse of any club gear, including boards, will not be tolerated.

Adequate, proficient water safety will be in attendance when boards are used for training purposes. This ruling has come from a Branch level as part of our “Duty of Care” and applies to all junior members.