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SandpipersAs you know the Junior and Branch carnivals are approaching fast.

Junior Carnival is Saturday 30th January, Branch is Saturday 13th Feb.

Payment for Junior carnival is due by the 21st Jan and as we are not back at Nippers unitl the 24th Jan, I have got hold of the internet banking details so we can send our payment in early.

When paying by internet, please leave your child’s last name as a reference, so that Louise knows who has paid.

Cost for Junior Carnival is $12.50 per child
Cost for Branch Carnival is $20 per child.

Bank details have been sent by email to everyone who has contacted me about the carnivals.

March Past Team…we are back for training on the 17th Jan 8.30am. We only have a couple of training days left so we need to make good use of them. If you have any questions please email me at or call 0422 666 056.

As a final note, could I please get all parents to consider attending the 4 hour officials course so that we can keep taking kids to carnivals. At present we have had to put a limit on kids we can take and have a waiting list due to not having enough officials. For every 7 Nippers we need one official. Officiating is not hard. I help out at the sprint track and all I do is hold a number, for example 3rd … and every lane that comes in third, I stand in that lane after the race. There is also recording at the water’s edge, helping with the flags or calling kids up for the next event … easy stuff.

We are losing an official next year due to their kids finishing Nippers so next season we will only be able to take a maximum of 21 kids to a carnival … please consider it if you are going to be there anyway.

Thanks for your time … if you could let me know by text or email when you have paid that would be extremely helpful …

Go, Team Corrimal …

Cheers, Lisa

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