Corrimal SLSC is managed by a Committee of members who usually meet once a month to keep the club running smoothly. As well as controlling the income and expenditure of the club, dealing with the responsibilities of its office bearers, appointing specfic purpose sub-committees and managing the membership, the Committee also plans for the club’s future and liaises with other clubs, SLS Illawarra, SLS NSW, SLS Australia and the local community to advance the cause of surf life saving and general beach safety.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held at Corrimal Surf Club at 7pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

2018/19 Office Bearers

President Steve Waddell email
Vice President Larry Westwood  
Secretary Gail Erven email
Public Officer Luke Erven  
Treasurer Robert Packett email
Club Captain Darren Morgan  
  Peter Scott  
Chief Gear Steward Greg Johnston  
Chief Training Officer  
Junior Activities Chairperson Vicki Weston  
Registrar Carole Johnston email
Competition Coordinator Carole Johnston / Renee Myers  
Hall Supervisor Gail Erven  
Bar Manager Steve Waddell  
Gym Supervisor Gail Erven / Graham Yates  


Club Constitution

In 2016, Corrimal Surf Life Saving Club adapted a new club Constitution. This document applies to all club members, and defines the roles and protocols the club operates on. The Constitution can be read here.