Nippers Committee


Chairperson – Scott Myers –
Vice Chairman – Steve Waddell
Secretary –
Treasurer – Robert
Registrar – Renee Myers –
Beach Supervisor – Craig Wood
Assistant Beach Supervisor – Steve Waddell
Gear Steward – Craig Wood
Uniforms Co-ordinator –
Information Officer – Nathan Chapman –
Branch Delegate –
Team Manager – Craig Wood
Barbeque Co-ordinator – Dave Curley & Rostered Age Groups
March Past Coach – Lisa Cox & Tom McRae
Club Coach –
Rookies Co-ordinator – Lisa Cox
Fundraising Committee – Junior Committee



Committee meetings are held every 4th Wednesday of the month. All members welcome. Notification of meetings will be emailed to all members as well as posted on the club website and Facebook page.

The BBQ is a vital fund raiser for our club. Every week a different age group will be in charge of setting up, cooking, service of food and clean-up of the BBQ equip. The age group responsible for the week ahead will be acknowledged at the morning information session 10am Sundays prior to Nippers starting. Please make an effort to be involved for our club. Roster will start with U13/14’s on Sunday 15th October 2017


All junior members are to compete in a sportsman like manner.

All junior members are required to wear their club caps while competing at surf carnivals and during Sunday morning nippers. When the surf carnival/nippers is over, they are to remove their cap whereby they become the responsibility of their parents or carers.

It is the responsibility of each parent/carer for their child’s behaviour. Skylarking, sand throwing, etc. will not be tolerated.

Junior members are not to leave their age group without their Age Managers knowledge and are not to enter the water during Sunday morning nippers unless participating in a water event.

Age Managers are not permitted to allow nippers in the water, unless the Beach Supervisor has declared the water events open.

Parents/carers are asked to support the Age Managers in regards to the above.

Please let your child know about the above. Should you have a problem, please approach a committee member or ask to have the matter resolved at the monthly meeting.


The junior club/committee needs your help. Many hands make light work, so to ensure the smooth running of events throughout the season, your help would be appreciated in the following areas –

Gear Steward – To help with the necessary gear for Sunday morning Nippers, and surf carnivals.
Age Managers – To help organise Sunday morning Nippers/Point scores held throughout the season.
Carnival Organisers – To help organise competitors at surf carnivals and to help Officials officiate events.
Officials – Surf Life Saving Australia has specified that we must have a specific ratio of officials per number of children competing at surf carnivals (1:10). If we don’t have enough, some children may be unable to compete.
BBQ – To help organise cooking, serving and cleaning up of the BBQ when child’s Age group is rostered throughout the season.


There is a substantial cost in running a club in the surf life saving movement. Registration fees do not cover that cost, therefore fundraising activities will be held throughout the season. When the time comes, please support these events. If you have any ideas please feel free to let the committee know. Any assistance would be appreciated as all funds raised will benefit the junior club.


Corrimal Surf Life Saving Club Inc. endorses the Surf Life Saving Australia Limited (SLSA) policy that states that we are committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our members and are dedicated to providing a safe environment for those participating in surf life saving activities.

Surf lifesavers are nurtured in an environment that values safety, trust, respect, caring and responsibility. This environment encourages acceptance, confidence and risk taking. For surf lifers to venture into challenging waters in times of distress, they need to have faith and trust in themselves and in the people around them.

The motivation for surf lifesavers to give freely of their time is to be found in surf life saving environments that value:

  • Safety and support
  • Caring and camaraderie
  • Trust and teamwork
  • Respect and responsibility

As part of the surf lifesaving community, each individual makes a commitment to actively encourage behaviours that promote a supportive and nurturing environment and contribute to our core purpose: “To save lives, create great Australians and build better communities”.

Click here to download the SLSA Member Protection Policy