Surf Life Saving is an active part of Australian local communities. A place to belong, a place for everyone, a place to grow and be safe. But Surf Life Saving couldn’t save lives without volunteers.

There are various ways in which people can volunteer their time.

If you’re not interested in performing aquatic rescues as a surf lifesaver, but still interested in volunteering your time on the beach, you can join our club and help in other ways.

You could become an Age Manager of a Nippers program. An Age Manager looks after the care, safety, well being and development of the junior surf lifesaver. Our Nippers program wouldn’t happen without the generous support of our volunteers, who offer their precious time to provide the supportive environment in which they can learn and develop.

Or you could learn new skills and complete qualifications in first aid or radio operations, to help on beach patrols. You could even help out with the weekend barbeque. The possibilities are endless.

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