Nippers Competition



Point Scores are held throughout the season during Sunday morning Nippers for Under 8 through to Under 14. Roll call is at 9.45 am. Events to be contested will be sprint, flags, swim, board, and iron person. Participation in the swim and board events is encouraged. The swim event must be completed to be eligible for the board event. Points are awarded for events and progressive total is kept in the Under 8 to Under 14 age groups. Points awarded are –

1st place – 4 points
2nd place – 3 points
3rd place – 2 points
Participation – 1 point

There is no official point score for the Little Nippers, even though place-getters’ names will be recorded.

To qualify for any awards on presentation day each child must attend 50% of Sunday morning Nippers and have completed their Preliminary Evaluation and Surf Education.

If it is raining, please don’t think not to attend. Surf Education can be taught on days like this.



During the season Club Championships are held over two Sundays. The events are the same as normal Point Score and the same points are awarded to determine the overall winners.

Under 8 Champion Under 8
Junior Champion – Under 9 – Under 10
Senior Champion – Under 11 – Under 13
Under 14 Champion Under 14

At times this may not seem fair for the younger members, but everyone will have their chance to win. The Little Nippers will compete as normal with no points allocated.

To qualify to participate in Club Championships each child must attend 50% of Sunday morning Nippers and have completed their Preliminary Evaluation and Surf Education.

Club caps must be worn to be eligible for Club Championships


All junior members from Under 8 – Under 14 age groups are invited to compete in surf carnivals. Competing in these carnivals can be very rewarding as children not only compete in individual events, but also in team events eg. beach relays, surf teams and march past teams. High participation is desirable to allow team events to compete for different age groups, both on the beach and in the water.

Surf carnivals usually start at 8.30 am with arrival time around 7.30 am. They generally conclude at lunch time. Corrimal “Sandpipers” must compete in the club caps and black/white swimwear. Team events are expected to wear similar swimwear. Disqualification will occur if your club cap is not tied correctly when crossing the finishing line. Caps are to be removed if you intend to participate in activities outside of carnival events. Remember, help will be required in erecting/dismantling tents and handling/transporting gear.