Post Branch Carnival

Branch CarnivalHappy Sunday … Take 2 … back up from Branch Carnival … we have sunburn, war stories and tired eyes. Then we started our traditional March Past party breakfast instead of training. Medals were handed out, lots of smiles, lollies, cake. chips and soft drink … it’s not even 9am yet… The team were so happy they never have to wear the Senior teams uniform modeled on the mannequin.

The set up crew were in action early, as was the Board training crew. Awesome effort by all, thank you.

Our Nippers News was presented by Steve Atkins and our March Past team did a display in full uniform with their medals.

We said Goodbye to Vanessa and Jade, as this is their last time in the March Past team as a Nipper. A bittersweet moment. We are extremely proud of the young ladies you are growing up to be. Thank you for your time and dedication to Corrimal Surf Club and the March Past team. You are fantastic leaders and your knowledge and skills will be missed.

The conditions on the beach were fantastic for a change … there were no complaints at all about getting in the water … yay.

Point score today … all events completed and it was fabulous to see the U9s having a go on the boards … looking fearless in the nice waves. Thank you to all involved helping the U9s with their water confidence. It’s such a big jump from the U8s to U9s … the positive experience in the water today will be invaluable. Great work, Travis Down, water safety and U9s crew.

After point score we had a free swim. It’s such a treat to see so many smiles and fantastic friendships between our nippers as they muck around in the water. Also great to see a few parents in the water today as well, even got to swim with our Life guard Todd Johnston … awesome.

Thank you water safety team: Steven Atkins, Steve Waddell, Darren Morgan & Simon Prior. Thank you Nadine Atkins and Bronwyne Brown for everything you do every Sunday … Thank you Andrew Jamieson and the BBQ crew for you amazing efforts today, and thank you Kaine Turner and the clean up crew for helping right up until the end. Your time and effort is appreciated.

To all the Age Managers … even though I don’t get around to you all, there is never a complaint, there is never a negative word spoken about you all. How good is that? A big thank you to those who took an Age Group where the Age Manager was away … great job. An amazing group of people. Thank you for what you do.

Hats off to the U11s Age Managers who consistently have the best averages in attendance and are adored by their age group … the group is lucky to have you. Thank you.

Last thing … it is so good to see so many Corrimal board shorts around the place … I saw heaps at the carnival yesterday and lots of Corrimal rashies and boardies around today. Looks amazing …

Until next week … when we do it all again …

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